Rich Media Marketing

As online advertising becomes more sophisticated
the demand for rich media advertising is growing.

By incorporating video into rich media advertising it
becomes much easier for you to showcase the products and services that you offer online.

In the past it was suggested that companies not integrate video into their advertising.
This was because many customers did not have the connection
speeds that would support rich media advertising.

This has changed. Now a large percentage of the population has access to broadband either at home, at work
or via the use of wireless hotspots. Because of this it has now become much easier for companies
to advertise using rich media ads.

Our team understands how important the incorporation of videos into your advertising is and we understand
how to do it properly so that you get the maximum return for your investment.
We use the latest version of Flash and can create the interactive media
applications you need to promote your company.

What we can offer you
We will create rich media advertising using

  • Video and audio that is of exceptionally high quality. You want your customers to be able to
    see what you are offering and hear what you have to tell them. Grainy video and poor quality
    sound can drive your customers away incredibly quickly
  • Animation and video that uses Flash 8. Flash 8 has an excellent reputation for the effects
    that it can produce and we will put it to use to promote you
  • Flash introductions again using Flash 8. A solidly designed introduction will grab the
    attention of potential customers and can draw them in to your overall presentation.
    You need to remember that the chance to get people’s attention and interest is extremely brief
  • Sound and video streaming
  • Different formats including both MP3 and MP4
  • Downloadable audio and presentations in DVD and CD formats

Why our company
The Website Design Company works with a team of experienced and qualified programmers,
designers and other experts that take a combined approach to your project.

This produces results that are far superior to other companies that do not
approach a project from all angles. A designer may be able to create a visually
stunning presentation but if they are not working with a programmer that project
may lose strength when taken from one company to the next.

How to get started
You can get started by clicking here to get an estimate and to schedule a
consultation with our team of experts. Or, you can fill out the form below
and we will be happy to get started working with you.