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eCommerce Website Design

Making it possible to sell products online

Many websites are unable to realize their full potential because they fail in one key area: the ecommerce solution that they use. Many people think that selling online is as simple as designing a site that incorporates ecommerce solutions and that the customers will come to them. They think that simply having the ability to sell products online directly to their customers will bring them the level of business they need to say that their site is truly successful.

This is not the case. The fact is that even the best ecommerce site will not be enough to merit the cost of your website. You need a way to:

  • Maximize your site’s visibility through search engine optimization
  • Measure your site’s effectiveness so that you can fine tune your approach
  • Seamlessly incorporate the actual ecommerce mechanisms into your overall site design

At The Website Design Company, we understand not only the mechanics of how to incorporate ecommerce technology into your site’s design but also how to get that site noticed through sound SEO strategies.
If you want to learn more, click here for a free consultation.

When we approach your website design we will go through the following stages with you in order to get you the site that you want:

Initial Consultation

We use the initial consultation to find out how you see your site working for you. We want to get a feel for your business, the products you are selling and how you see your site fitting into your specific marketplace. We also find out what you would prefer to see included in your site in terms of visual elements. Moving forward on the project becomes easier once we have a feel for you and your company.

Site Design Process

We will then move ahead with the site design. There are a few areas that we pay specific attention to as these are most important when talking about a site that is commerce driven. These areas are:

  • Store Front
    We want to make sure that you are happy with the store front section of your website. This is often the first impression that people will have both of your products and your company. We want to make sure that your store front is intuitive in its design and is something that you are totally happy with and will revise it until It meets your needs
  • Product Display
    We will ensure that the area where your products are displayed can convert hits to sales as consistently as possible. We have the knowledge to guide you in this area and ensure that people will view your products and be swayed by your content so that they purchase on each and every visit
  • Shopping Cart
    You need a working shopping cart that functions time and again without error. We can provide you with options so that you get the shopping cart solution that suits your needs the best.
  • Content Management System (CMS)
    A content management system is important because it will enable you to update all areas of your site including product descriptions. A functional CMS can help save you time and money and make your site even more functional and easy to maintain.

Once your site has been designed we integrate search engine optimization so that your site gets noticed more easily and analytical tools that will tell you how your site is performing.
Put our knowledge and expertise to work for you in order to get an ecommerce site that is functional and profitable.

Click here for a quotation on a site that meets your needs or to leave information on how we can contact you and start the consultation and design process.

Website Design Company | Address : 14900 E Orange Lake Blvd Kissimee, US 34747 Florida USA