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Brand Design

If you are trying to decide where to start when promoting a new business the answer should always be the design of a logo and the development of a brand identity for your company. If your company has a memorable logo and a strong brand identity to back that logo up you can create a feeling of loyalty in your existing customers and may actually cause new customers to choose your products and services over those that are offered by your competitors.

Due to the impact that your brand and logo can have on your company’s chances of success it is critical that you employ an experienced professional to design your logo and create your company’s brand identity. At The Website Design Company we have experience designing logos that are guaranteed to attract attention and brand identities that are both exciting and memorable.

What Goes Into Logo Design
Many people think that the logo design process is a simple one. You just draw an image that incorporates the name of your company, right? Wrong. If you look at some of the most memorable logos that have been created you will find that their creation took a very involved process to produce them.

Experienced designers will look at factors such as:

  • Your target audience or market
  • What your products or services are
  • Elements of your corporate philosophy (i.e. a commitment to the environment)
  • What colors you prefer to use
  • How the logo will be used such as on a website or on packaging

All of these factors will be combined and a number of different options will be presented to you. You may find that the design will need to be tweaked and several variations may be presented to you. It is not unusual to find a designer playing around with different lettering styles or shades of the same basic color. Our designers want to ensure that your logo will represent your company as closely and memorably as possible.

We will also work to design your brand identity. We will create slogans and tag lines that can be used to help establish a complete picture of what your company is offering. We will help you pick your corporate colors and ensure that all of your publicity and promotional materials will continue to touch base with your customers in a way that creates a footprint in their memory that they can come back to time and time again when making purchasing decisions.

What Our Company Can Do For You
Our professionals have the design and marketing experience to develop your logo and your brand. By having both developed at once by the same team it can be easier to create a cohesive corporate identity.

We would love to provide you with a free quote that can involve logo design, brand development or a package that includes both of these things. Please feel free to fill out the contact form below and we will contact you for a free quotation and more information.

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