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Getting a website built for your company can be expensive. Because of this you want to make sure that your site is as efficient as possible at attracting potential customers and converting hits into sales. This way you can recoup the initial investment in your site and feel confident that you have the best promotional tool possible to sell your products and services online.

There are many things that your website should have although there are three main things that any site needs to ensure that it will be successful. By working with a reputable web design and development company you will have the best chance of getting the kind of functional site you need for your company.

A good site is one that marries sound functionality with a beautiful appearance and search engine optimization features that will attract customers, get them interested in your products and services and cause them to choose you over your competition. Here is what you need:

Search engine optimization

If your customers can’t find your site, they can’t learn about your products and services. Good search engine optimization makes your site much more visible and will put it higher on the list of search engine results. This means that potential customers will find your site before those belonging to your competitors.

Search engine optimization is not all about content although that does play a large role in getting you the kind of ranking you have been hoping for. It also involves using links and html tags that make the search engines sit up and take notice.

Sound functionality at any download speed

Functionality is important. You need to ensure that your site works well and that it is not constantly breaking down or leading to dead ends. It is important to stress that your site needs to work well at any download speed. Although many people do have high speed internet access the fact is that not all do. A site that takes a long time to load on a slow connection speed will often get passed by and this means missed sales and income opportunities.

A logical layout that is easy to navigate

It is important to make sure that your site is easy to navigate. This means making menu options easy to find and utilize. Remember that not everyone who views your site will be able to figure out an obscure layout and will usually end up moving on to another site as soon as they become frustrated. As with download speed or poor functionality, a bad layout can cause people to pass your site by and this is something that you want to avoid whenever possible.

If you are planning on building a website for ecommerce purposes you need to know that doing so is a very different experience than any other type of website design will be. Because the focus is on generating revenue the elements that you need to consider and incorporate will be very different than a website design that is aimed at educating the public about goods or services.

If you have decided that you want to try and sell products online here are a few things to consider when including ecommerce elements in your company’s web design.

Does the website design match the products?

This may seem obvious but for many people this is something that they overlook. It is not just about making sure that the site features the products you are trying to sell. The entire feel of the website design also needs to support the impression you are trying to give potential customers. In a way, it’s a little like creating an overall brand except that in this case, it is focused more on the products that you are trying to sell.

Think about how you want customers to feel when they look at your site and the kind of customers that you want to attract. A fun and modern website design may be great for cutting edge products whereas if you are selling more traditional products or services you may need a more traditional site design. The wrong website design may confuse customers and they may end up going elsewhere to purchase their goods.

A simple design may be best

Remember that you want your website design to showcase your products. You want the products to stand out in your customer’s mind and not the site itself (although you do want them to remember your site enough to return to it more than once). A site that is overly flashy may detract from the items or make it difficult for them to even find the products that they are looking for.

If you do have an ornate website design already you may want to find a way to link it to a simpler, cleaner virtual storefront that incorporates some common website design elements but which may be less flashy and more straightforward.

Make it easy for customers to choose and pay for products

A shopping cart is essential to selling products online. Unfortunately the best shopping cart may be useless if customers cannot find it. Therefore it needs to be possible for them to find the shopping cart. It also needs to work consistently and mesh well with the payment system. If someone is unable to complete a transaction they will likely go to the competition and make their purchases there. This loss of revenue can be devastating for ecommerce website design.

By putting a lot of thought into your website design you can create a powerful tool to raise online revenue. The look of the site, combined with the overall feel and the functionality can make or break your site so consider each choice carefully in order to make the best decision for your company.

In the website design world it is not surprising to find website design professionals arguing about the merits of Macs or PCs when it comes to designing websites. It is true that both systems have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to creating graphics and performing the programming that is necessary for any website design to take place. It is also true that in many cases, you will find both platforms in the offices of professional web design companies. However, for the average person who may be trying to design their own site, this dual technology may simply be something that they cannot afford.

Why do they use both platforms?

Because these systems engender so much loyalty in their users it can be surprising that you would find both in a design office. However, when you consider that a website will be viewed on both systems you will see why it is important for website design professionals to be able to view their work on both a Mac and a PC. However, unless you have access to both platforms, knowing which may suit you best is important. Here are a few things to consider.

The Apple Macintosh

This has long been the system of choice for website designers and graphic design professionals in general. Macs have long been the top choice because they enable a designer to edit images and make changes at an incredibly rapid rate. In this they still outshine many of the PCs that are being created today.

In the past, the image editing software that was best for creating images and programming websites was only available on a Mac. This has since changed and programs such as those made by Adobe are now available for PC as well. However, you can expect to pay a premium price for these machines. They can be substantially more expensive, especially for a Power Mac that has the computing speed and memory to be able to work with large images and the programs used to edit or create them.

The PC

This is an affordable solution that is generally much less expensive than a Mac would be. In addition, many people who will be viewing your site will be doing so from a PC. Therefore, creating your website design on a PC so that you can see what it will look like when it is live can be incredibly useful.

Now that PCs are capable of running many of the same programs that a Mac can (such as Adobe and CorelDRAW) they are quickly beginning to hold their own in the website design arena. They also tend to be good all-purpose machines making them appealing to any company that needs their computers to do more than just graphic design.

By choosing the right technology you will often find that the website design process can go quite quickly and that it will be easier to build the kind of website you want to promote your company and the goods or services that it offers.

Many people think that website design is something that is usable only by businesses and may not consider how it can help someone who is involved in the arts or other creative industries. The fact is that even an artist can use a properly designed website to promote themselves and their work and may find that this is a very cost effective way of doing so. Here are a few reasons why this is the case.

Artists can reach a wider audience more easily

Part of being a successful artist is being visible in the art world. This means showing at galleries and finding cost effective ways of attracting the attention of potential purchasers. With a great website design this becomes much easier than it would if you were trying to contact them via print advertising.
It is also easier for them to view a larger selection of your work than they would be able to with a standard portfolio.

Artists can sell products online

It is also possible for artists to sell prints or even original pieces online through the use of a well designed website. If artists ensure that their websites include features such as shopping cart functionality and a virtual store front they may find that the number of pieces they are able to sell will increase dramatically. This is especially true if they are able to keep the costs of their pieces at reasonable levels and are able to offer a range of products on their site.

It can help fans track an artist’s career

If an artist is developing a following it can become easier to inform that following of where upcoming exhibitions are and to maintain their interest through features such as updated portfolios and blogs. These things are both easy to add to a website and can make a site become a truly powerful method to advance an artist’s career.

Why a custom website design may be best

If you are an artist and you are considering in getting a website you may want to consider custom website design rather than using a company that offers pre-made templates. This is because you may want a specific look such as a unique background color or the use of custom animation that is based on your artwork that may not be possible using standard templates. In addition, a professional website design company can also help you get your site noticed through the use of search engine optimization and may be able to help you increase site traffic much more than if you try and build and promote your site yourself.

It is understandable that many artists may be nervous about the kind of budget they think a custom website design company will require but this is not always the case. If you want advanced and complicated functionality it may drive the price up but in many cases a simple website may be incredibly affordable and can help to increase your revenues much more quickly than you may have thought possible.

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