The pros and cons of dynamic and static websites


Ultimately, the decision to use a content management system depends on your budget and what you require of your website. Simply put, if you're looking to build an online brochure that rarely, if ever, changes, a static site will save you time and money. Such sites, however, don't take advantage of   all the flexibility that the Web has to offer. If you expect that your … [Read more...]

Leverage the internet’s power with a CMS-based website


The Internet has given  nearly  everyone the power thoughts and ideas with the entire planet. It's forever changed how goods and services are marketed, sold and consumed. It's made the wealth of human knowledge available at anytime from anywhere. But there's a great disparity among websites: Some take full advantage of everything the Internet has to offer while … [Read more...]

Why repeat visits are critical to your website’s chances of success


Many people think that a website’s success is built on the number of first visits that it receives. It is true that new “hits” are important but it is the repeat visits that can help encourage sustained profitability. Here are a few reasons why you need to get people returning to your site time and time again and how you can do so as easily as possible. Why repeat … [Read more...]