About us

We have over 16 years experience in the
field of website development.

In recent years we have witnessed a rise in popularity of
open source software and also it’s evident reliability.

We have also employed open source cms software on a
number of projects in the past with positive results.

Therefore we have decided to establish as website
dedicated to offering this new and attractive alternative
as the use of open source code is growing
rapidly within businesses.

Interesting survey
A survey conducted is the US recently found that American companies and government
organizations are saving millions of dollars with open source software.
According to the collected data, approximately 87 percent of American organizations use
open source software compared to only 33% of companies within the European union.

Our service

As open source software is essentially free our service is based on its implementation,
customization and support.

We use all the top open source CMS Platforms

We specialise in:

> Consultancy ( helping you choose the right open source cms for your business )
> Installation
> Customisation
> Support

Our other services include:

* Website Design & Development
* Website Hosting
* Domain Name Registration
* Internet Marketing
* Search Engine optimisation (SEO)
* Website Analysis
* E-Commerce


Free Consultation
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Contacting Us

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email us at info@website-design-company.net