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Has your normally productive website suddenly faltered? Do you see fewer visitors and less revenue? If so, it’s time for a website revamp! While it’s a common conception that once your website is up and running you don’t really need to do much with it, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Websites require the same attention to detail and analysis that every other part of your business requires. Here are five signs that it’s really time for a website revamp.

  1. Your Website Appears Outdated
    Are you still using the same website design you did ten years ago? If so, it’s time for a makeover. With all of the latest technology and design concepts available now, you simply must ensure that your potential customers get the right impression of your company when they visit your site. This means that your website revamp needs to include up-to-date information, graphics, and user-friendly navigation. It’s time to create a website that grabs your visitors’ attention from the moment they set eyes on it.
  2. Your Current Design Confuses People
    One of the most common complaints people have when visiting a website is that they simply cannot find what they are looking for. This is why it is so important that the site is user-friendly, with fast loading graphics and easy to follow navigation links. Your contact information should be on every page, too. It’s frustrating when a customer wants to contact you, but can’t find an email address or a telephone number. Don’t make your visitors look too hard for what they are searching for. They will go somewhere else.
  3. Your Sales Are Dropping
    There are a number of reasons why you may see a decrease in sales or leads. While many people want to blame it on today’s economy, the truth is the answer may be your site is simply not attractive or effective any longer. A website revamp can bring new life to your current site. Your potential customers will be more likely to spend money when they are a site that looks fantastic, is easy to navigate, and provides the information you need.
  4. You Can’t Handle the Site Any Longer
    Perhaps you had no difficulties managing your site initially, but now times have changed. You can’t seem to get time to eat lunch, let alone spend several hours managing your website. If it’s become that difficult, it’s time to look at alternatives, such as a content managed system. If you’re tired of paying someone every time you need the slightest change to your site, this could be the answer you’re looking for. Making changes to your site with a CMS is easier than creating a Word document. Anyone who tells you otherwise only wants to keep billing you for their time.
  5. Your Website Doesn’t Accurately Portray Your Company
    If your company website is old, stale, and boring, most customers will think this is a direct reflection of your business. New graphics, videos, and interactive features will show your customers your company is current with all the latest technology. You’re more likely to see the repeat customers that make businesses succeed.

If you have contacted website design companies to get quotes you may be surprised by the range of pricing you may have been presented with. Getting quotes for website design services can be a stressful experience simply because many companies may not know which elements are more expensive. Therefore they may not know whether they are paying the right price for their website design.

While every company will have different pricing schemes and it is unlikely that you will get two identical quotes for the same site design here are a few guidelines to use when looking at your quote that may help you to avoid being overcharged.

How many pages does your site have?

If you are having a massive site built it will naturally be more expensive than a site which has fewer pages. This is simply because every page needs to be programmed to a certain extent even if templates are being used. A site designer will need to make sure that all of the pages will link up well with one another and that the menus and navigational tools are all fully functional. Even a large site of simple pages may end up becoming more expensive to have created than a smaller site would be.

What special features are included in the website design?

If your site has special features or functions that are involved in the website design this will often drive up the price considerably. This may be especially true if the site needs to be able to interface with another program. A good example of this would be a site that is expected to work seamlessly with an inventory program or accounting software.

If your website design needs to work with other programs it may be necessary for a website design company to research how to utilize that new software and how to interface their own programming with it. Since time is money it is no wonder that this can make for a much more expensive site.

Are there other services included in the price?

You should also look to see if there are services other than website design included in one quote that may not have been included in less pricy quotes. If you are getting services such as analytical tools, search engine optimization and website maintenance included in your quote you may find that you are still getting good value for money even if you are paying more overall. Of course, you may want to minimize some of these costs by asking for programming such as a content management system that will allow you to update your own site yourself.

Is it a template or a custom design?

If your site will be designed using a more generic template it should cost much less than a site that is designed and built from the ground up. A site that is completely custom-made will take much longer to build and will therefore cost more overall.

By considering all of these factors you will be able to tell whether you are being overcharged or whether you are getting good value for the money you are spending.

The internet has certainly changed the way many people do business. Each year, more and more people forego the trips to the malls, shopping districts, and specialty shops in favor of shopping from their computer. If your company offers products and services, but you’re just not seeing the rewards of your website, it’s probably time for a website redesign.

What Is Website Redesign?

Website redesign is the process of revamping your website to keep it fresh, up-to-date, and user-friendly. While your website might have been considered cutting edge a few years ago, times change quickly on the internet. New technology and concepts in web design are created each year, with many focusing on making the user experience easier and more enjoyable. Website redesign is necessary to make sure your company stands out of the crowed of competitors.

When Is a Website Revamp Necessary?

Perhaps your company is changing their branding or increasing their reach into a specific consumer field or industry. Your website must be easy for potential customers to find and identify with. An improved online presence can help you build your company brand, while creating better rankings within the search engines. A well designed, up-to-date site will show your customers that your company’s goal is to provide them with the best experience possible. This is vital for creating confidence in your company and getting the repeat customers that help businesses succeed.

Choosing the Right Website Redesign Company

It’s difficult to know which company is best for your website revamp. There are thousands of them out there. The key to choosing the right company is to see what their work looks like and if their work can effectively reflect your business. From the best graphics to the latest content management systems, it’s important that you make your choice based upon past work. Choosing the cheapest company available will likely give you a website that isn’t much better than the one you had.

Look for a company that will consider all the factors affecting your current site’s performance.For example, does your site appear outdated? Is the content useful to your customers and easy for them to access? Are your software and hardware choices the right ones for your web host and content? These are just a few of the most important factors that a website redesign company should focus on. It only makes good business sense to get the most out of what is generally one of the least expensive forms of advertising available today.

If you are going to be paying for website design services you want to make sure that they include a content management system. The right content management system can elevate simple website design from something that is promotional but not overly useful into an incredibly powerful tool for business promotion.

A content management system, at its most basic, is a program that is built into a website design.
It cannot be seen by end users however its effects can be seen and felt both by potential customers and by the people who will be using and maintaining the website as well. It is possible to change various elements of your website content such as text and HTML areas so that you can update your own website on a regular basis.

Benefits of a CMS

A content management system is excellent because it means that you will not alter the look of your site every time you add new elements or content to it. Regardless of whether it is a video, a piece of text or a link, placing new items on your site will not change the look of existing pages.

It is also unnecessary for someone to know how to write script or do any programming in order to use a CMS. Again, this can be quite helpful since very few business owners have a vast knowledge of writing code in order to create their own website. Rather than trying to create portions of a website that may not function properly, it is easy to simply create new portions of the website.

Another benefit is that it can save time to use a CMS. Again, because you are able to perform website maintenance tasks using the CMS it is no longer necessary to leave your web updates in the hands of busy web design companies. Because you are not paying someone to constantly maintain and update your website you will also find that your ongoing costs are going to be minimal. You may still need to retain the services of a website design company in order to perform site upgrades but it will not be as expensive as if they were responsible for regular website maintenance.

What to look for in a CMS

If you are considering whether or not to include a CMS in your website design you should be aware of the fact that most sites now have them built in to their programming. There are some website design companies that have their own proprietary technology and other companies will use a commercially available CMS solution. If you are presented with the option of which kind you would prefer to use there are a few things that you should look for.

The first is that it is easy to use. The fewer steps you need to remember the more chance you will have of not making mistakes. There is nothing worse than trying to update your site at night or on a weekend when a website design company is unavailable. This is generally when errors are made and an entire site may end up being out of commission for a period of several hours or days. This can lead to an unacceptable loss of revenue.

Taking the time to learn as much as possible about your CMS options can help you choose the program that is the best fit for you and your website.

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