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A simple introduction to HTML 5

An introduction to HTML 5 A brief overview of HTML5 and the important new features it will bring to enshance the experience of the Internet User, including no more need for third party software plugins like flash etc. Here is a good video explaining HTML 5


Responsive Website Design Explained [ Video ]

An Video with an introduction to responsive website design: Nowadays, more and more of your customers are going mobile, IE: using Smartphones or tablets to access the internet. The need for responsive website design today: In the past the solution was to simply create a mobile version of your website with its own separate layout […]


When is it the Right time to upgrade a website

A video from Alison Diana that asks a simple question as to when is it nesscessary to upgrade a website as Business need to take advantage of new features, ad-hear to standards, upgrade to better content management interfaces to improve staff productivity and overall performance, but is there a balance?

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Why have a mobile friendly or responsive website?

It’s estimated by mid 2013 more people will be accessing the internet using mobile devices, overtaking those using the traditional office or home PC. This is because sales of these new devices overtook sales of PC’s in 2011 and 12 and continue to outsell as the typical user becomes more mobile using Smartphones tablets, even […]

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9 great SEO Plugins for your WordPress Website

WordPress SEO plugins Here is an infographic containing 9 most popular WordPress SEO plugins. The infographic ranks them by most downloaded an includes the user rating for each plugin.   Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


Why Websites should be optimized for Mobile Devices

Why website Optimization for Mobile Devices With more users accessing the internet using a variety of new portable devices its now important to have a website that is optimised to display on these new devices. Optimizing websites for Mobile Devices This infographic outlines some interesting stats about optimizing websites for Mobile Devices. Why Should My Website […]


Website Security: Is your website as secure as your PC is? [ Infographic ]

Increasing number of threats to website security Today website owners are faced with a wide range of threats from various sources including malicious software—commonly called malware, Hackers often take advantage of website security flaws, also known as vulnerabilities, to inject malware into existing software which then infects visitors to the website with the malware exposing their systems to […]